Awei X6 Holder with Built-in 4 stronger N52 neodymium magnets

Color: silver
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Enjoy the more organized setting without worrying about your phone falling or slipping of the stand. This amazing phone adjustable Awei X6 with a built-in 4 stringer N52 neodymium magnet is super amazing and provides firm and gentle support to any phone. This holder allows you to adjust and easily keep your phone at a distance.

Adhesive Type Magnetic Bracket:

You just have to make sure to give it a smooth surface, then it can be used easily placed and kept at any place, such as a wall, bedside table, and dashboard.

Safer and Firmer:

Built-in 4 stronger N52 neodymium magnets, can hold your phone tightly even while driving, suddenly braking on deceleration strip and bumped road Constant magnetic field, it does not affect the phone signal.

360 Degree Rotation:

360-degree stereo rotation design, it can be easily moved to meet your needs and you can adjust it as per your demand and need.

Sand Blasting Aluminum Alloy:

 The body is made with high-quality material with a highlight process, oxidation-resistant, and corrosion-resistant, it is long-lasting and durable to use for a long time.

Non-trace and Reusable Glue:

You can easily reuse the holder by simply cleaning the glue with water or wipes and the holder can be reused.

Small and Portable:

This super cool small size and one-hand friendly holder provide you ease in holding the phone while driving without slowing the speed you can keep it. Its operation can create more convenience for you. It can be fixed anywhere without occupying a large space.

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