Best Awei X11 Holder with Silicon Protection and Flat Pole

Color: black
Sale price$45.05


Enjoy the more organized setting without worrying about your phone falling or slipping of the stand. This amazing phone adjustable Awei X11 with silicon protection and flat pole along with the weightless base, which can firmly and gently support any phone. This holder allows you to adjust and easily keep your phone at a distance.

This holder is great for a bedroom nightstand and helps for staying organized in order to quickly locate your phone anytime.

  • Awei X11 holder offers hands-free convenience and a comfortable viewing angle.
  • It has Silicone protection which helps in holding the phone with grip and work against slipping of phone and protect against phone scratching.
  • Awei X11 is super fit for all mobile phones, it is universally compatible.
  • Awei X11 has a multi-angle design which you can flexibly and easily adjust on the direction and angle you want as per your comfortability and need.
  • X11 Holder can be raised and lowered, multi-angle adjustment.

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