Metal Retractable Gravity Car Holder

Color: red
Sale price$23.88


Thin, portable, stable, reliable, and easy-to-use mobile phone holders easily attachable in-car air vents are now obtainable at very low prices. 
Best quality metal retractable gravity car holder with quality material. It is helpful in controlling mobile with one hand while driving. Its triangular type of attachment is useful in the adaption of mobile phones of varying sizes between 4.7 – 7 inches. This holder holds the mobile firmly and uses 360degree rotation to adjust the mobile position as you wish to set it. Arms are designed so that fold automatically when the phone is removed.


  • Material: Best quality metal, ABS, and Plastic
  • Color: Red
  • Rotation: 360 degree
  • Compatibility: For mobile size between 4.7 to 7 inches


  • Stable and easy to use
  • Durable
  • Thin and portable
  • Reliable
  • Convenient to operate

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  • Reasonable price
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