Samsung Galaxy S21 Back Case--Primary Series

Color: transparent
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Silicone Case

The silicone case is an accessory for mobile devices that provides protection and is used for decorative purposes. Today, even fans of apple technology claim that a case is the only tool that can protect a phone or tablet from mechanical damage. Covers are made of various materials: silicone, plastic, textiles, metal, leather.


There are several main qualities of covers made of this material, namely:

  • They are made from thermoplastic polyurethanes, which belong to a special class of plastics with elasticity, resistance to mechanical stress and grease. The silicone cases are pleasantly soft, so the phone fits perfectly in your hand.
  • Due to its elasticity, the cover is almost impossible to tear, it also does not wear out.
  • It can be transparent (allows you to keep the original design of the phone) or a certain color. Silicone cases are available in a variety of colors.
  • Fixation and protection. The case adheres very tightly to the surface of the phone, repels grease and resists the accumulation of debris.

The silicone case can be made in several variations: glossy, matte; thin (up to 2 mm), ultra-thin (up to 0.7 mm). 

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