Protective Case With Hidden Holder for iPhone 12 Pro Max

Color: black
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Rear overlay

The back cover for the phone is a type of protective accessory that clings to the back of the phone, slightly gripping the side bumpers. Made from silicone, plastic and metal.


Today phones are used not only for making calls, but also for surfing the Internet, reading books, listening to music. The device is actively used, they carry it in their pockets, so phones are often subjected to mechanical stress. The pads allow you to protect your smartphone or tablet from minor mechanical damage.

The principle of operation is simple: the protective accessory is put on the back panel, which prevents the cover from being scratched. You can safely put your phone on the table or in your pocket without worrying that the back cover will look unattractive and deteriorate due to constant scratches.

  • 2in1 Phone Case + Phone Stand
  • Full protect & Scratch-resistant
  • Shake-proof & anti-fall
  • Anti-fingerprints matte case

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