14W USB Foldable Solar Panel Fast Charger | Ring

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Charge your tablets and devices with this 14W foldable solar panel charger. best for outdoor activities and festivals

High-efficiency solar charger (up to 24%) The USB connector can charge up to 2.4A in direct sunlight. Usable with most USB devices, including cellphones and power banks. Sas goodbye to electrical outlets and welcomes solar power!

Energy-saving and eco-friendly 

This solar charger is made of four weather-resistant solar panels and waterproof nylon. Output 1*USB-A Model SC004 Waterproof Nylon + SunPower Solar Panel 2A-5V (Max) 14W Total (Max) 21-24% Energy Conversion Rate 660*148*31mm (Opened) Product Dimensions 148*153*54mm CE, FCC, RoHS

Having a Foldable Solar Charger is an excellent idea for anyone who loves the outdoors, is a hiking or camping enthusiast, or likes to go on lengthy adventures and trips. Use high-efficiency solar panels to enjoy the views and beauty of nature while keeping your essential gadgets fueled by solar energy.

Smart charger

Charge compatible devices up to 5V/2.1A in the sun. Up to 21.5-33.5 percent of solar energy is free when using SunPower solar panels.

Compact size

Its foldable form makes it ultra-compact and ready to go.

Incredibly Durable

The USB solar charger is made of four solar panels and waterproof nylon. Two side-eye holes allow connection to backpacks, trees, or tents.


The solar charger captures up to 21.5-33.5 percent of the sun's energy. Hang it on the bag, plug in your phone, and travel in style.

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