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CHOETECH USB-C is an interface PD3.0 fast charging technology that owns maximum power of up to 20W. You can use this amazing fast charging adapter with several of your gadgets of C type.

  • This built-in USB C charger is PD fast charger for iPhone 12 which can charge your phone within an hour and will save your electricity.
  • This apple phone charger has a powerful fast charging adapter that aims to make your iPhone charge as rapidly as it can.
  • You can use this flawless adapter of this charger with is designed in that way that you can use it with another phone of C-type and make it charge faster too.
  • Made of 940V grade fireproof PC material, it can resist high temperature and normal impact, ensuring the long service life

Device ultra-portable:

  • It is a lightweight compatible charger that you can keep safe.
  • Extremely compact and travel-friendly design ensure maximum portability wherever you go.
  • Handy for home, office and for traveling


  • Small and Compact Design
  • Minimalist design up to 48% smaller than the usual charger makes this charger suitable for your travel trip. Comes in white color makes it look very clean and elegant when in use.
  • 20W Fast Charger
  • With this Adapter, you can charge your smartphone faster. Charging a smartphone in general only takes 45 minutes. As for iPhone 11, this adapter is 50% faster than the default charger and is suitable for iPhone 12.


What you get in the product box:

  • 1 x CHOETECH Travel Charger USB Type C PD Charging 20W - PD5005

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