Basic Wired Ear Pods with 3.5mm Single Headphone Plug 2021

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Audio devices with 3.5mm headphone connectors include MP3 players, computers, and smartphones. Headphones with a microphone often employ TRRS 4-pole 3.5mm connections.

Earphones 3.5mm In-Ear 1.2m (30pcs/set) EP-42 Model SJ475 12m in length Aluminum Port Size 3.5mm

EarPods with a 3.5mm connector provide a secure fit because they easily fit within your ears. This In-ear Earphone enables you to answer calls and control the volume of movie and music playback.

CD-quality HTZ response

The air vents on the rear of the headset are used to change the mid-range audio section, while the air vents on the bottom of the headphone are used to strengthen the base area.

Fits firmly

It has a comfortable fit in your ear and won't fall out on you quickly. It is

design in an ergonomic manner for maximum stability and comfort

Widely Applicable

Apple iPhone 6s/ 6s Plus/SE/5s/5 are all compatible with this adapter because they all use the same standard 3.5 mm jack. Apple's iPod and iPad models that include remote control and microphone are fully compatible.

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