Battery Fast Charge Activating Set - OEM NEW SS-915-S+

color: Black
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The Intelligent Battery Charging Activated Charging Board is used to activate the wake-up sleep battery. Avoid the long-term occupation of power supply equipment and affect maintenance work. Also can get the battery fast charged.


1. Suitable for most of smart phones
  • For iPhone : 4G~11 Pro Max
2. Auto recognize positive/negative sides of battery, make it realized being used as soon as plugged.
3. Being able to activate battery which goes to sleep, and then the battery could be used normally.
4. Charge battery which current could arrive max 2A.
5. Over current protection. When the current is over 2A, power will be cut off automatically for protection.
6. This set could test whether the battery is short circuit or not.


  • Model: SS-915
  • Product size: 77*15*148mm
  • N.W.: 25g
  • Carton box packing
  • Package size: 135*26*225mm
  • G.W.:108g (box)
  • Configuration: fixture x 1; power cable x 2

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